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We serve Kettering,Corby, Wellingborough, Rushden, Northampton, Market Harborough and surrounding areas 

Harmony Dogs is a Kettering and Corby based dog training and dog behavioural service aimed at providing force free and reward based training in a fun and family friendly environment. Our dog training is predominantly "games based" and can also include low level fitness and agility work to provide a stimulating environment for your dog. 
Fun training classes for puppies and dogs, teaching important life skills, focus, connection, confidence and building a positive relationship. 
1 to 1 dog training in your home to suit your lifestyle and ongoing support 
Family friendly dog training so that the whole family gets involved and no one feels left out. 
Dog Behavioural consultations to solve any underlying issues that your dog may be having. 
Our dog training services include: 
Classes for both puppies and older dogs 
Family friendly classes 
Teaching life skills to your dog 
Learning through games based training 
Building focus 
Clicker training 
Building Relationship 
Fun canine fitness 
Fun Pre-agility 
Building Confidence 
Trick training 
Scent work 
Problem solving 
Talking dogs rally 
Support with behaviour issues 

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If you would like to have a chat about dog training sessions or behavioural support please call us on 07496 740368.  
Harmony Dogs - Helping you to live in harmony with your dog 

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